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Are you curious about where coaching could take your running? Frustrated with your performances? Would you like to feel part of something?

If so, you’re in the right spot.

We empower runners, like you, to go after your dreams. If you are serious about building your physical endurance and mental strength, our coaching packages provide more value and give you the tools and support to make it happen.



What you get with Mettle

With just one small step today, here’s what you can expect when you work with us. 

  • Scientifically and rationally designed training plans, specifically adapted to your fitness level, running ambitions and life.
  • There’s more to coaching than a training plan. With us, you’ll raise your mental game and create peak performance habits for long term success.
  • Support, structure, and frequent feedback to make sure you are progressing towards your goals and the results that matter to you.
  • Chat with us regularly about your training, race plans, nutrition, hydration and gear by phone, video call, text or email – you choose.
  • Encouragement to develop and unleash your inner athlete and become the best version of you when running and in life.
  • You’ll get more than a coaching program. You’ll get a supportive community.

If you’re curious about your potential and genuine about digging deep to see what you’re made of, then get started now.

Your future self will thank you.


Unwavering support and mentorship
I am deeply grateful to Kaz for her invaluable expertise and meticulous guidance throughout my training, leading up to my inaugural trail race.
- Pete
Being accountable
I needed to regroup. Kaz has helped me get fit and stronger, making training uplifting and fun. Her focus is on your success and I’m excited and ready to take on new running goals.
- Molly
Beyond encouraging
Thorough, encouraging, unfailingly available for support and advice. Working with Mettle has brought focus to my training and the accountability I needed.
- Mark
Spirit and support
I have achieved beyond what I could have imagined with your support and continue to learn so much. Love the Mettle spirit!
- Kate
Expert coaching
I had previously lacked consistency in my training. Working with Mettle is the best investment in my running I have made.
- John

Mettle Blog

View our educational trail and ultra running blog for articles and videos on topics such as training workouts and plans; mental toughness; nutrition and hydration; race strategies and running gear.

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