Mental training

Get your mind in shape. Reach more of your potential.


“There are generally two things that
can end your
race early.
Your head and
your feet.”


Invest in your mental game

Whether you are looking to bring focus to your training, navigating a recent DNF or lacking confidence when you race we can help you.

Special Ultra runner package

Developing your mental toughness for ultramarathon success 

Cost (3 sessions): $250

Our ultra racing package focuses on helping you overcome the mental challenges of running ultras by developing a personalized plan with tools and strategies to unlock your warrior mindset.

If your mental game is letting you down, let’s talk, because we know how important your next race is.



What’s involved

Working together can be in person, online, or through phone calls and messages. Sessions are confidential, typically last 1 hour, are the main space for our work.

We work with you to:

  • Fully understand your running history and needs.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • Deal with challenges face on.
  • Improve your focus.
  • Cope with injuries and setbacks.
  • Develop skill and strategies to use when you need them most.
  • Reach new levels of performance.

Putting in the work

Like physical training, mental training takes hard work, dedication, and discipline to implement change.

You will learn practical and robust skills to improve your self-belief, train your mettle, and create peak performance habits so you can reach more of your running potential and strengthen your mental game for long term success.

Number of sessions

Everyone is different.

Sessions are designed to meet your needs. Progress can be made over 3-5 sessions, whereas some athletes benefit from more, and enjoy continuing their mental training throughout their competitive season, or leading up to an important race.

Cost (1 session): $90

Ready to put in the hard work to become a mentally stronger runner?

Get in touch today to discuss the challenges you are facing, and let’s start working on your mental training now, to benefit your future performances.


We’re in your corner.

We also recognise that powerful changes can happen between sessions.

And we’re right here for you.

You can reach out to us anytime and we’ll always be happy to arrange additional support sessions when needed.


Being accountable
I needed to regroup. Kaz has helped me get fit and stronger, making training uplifting and fun. Her focus is on your success and I’m excited and ready to take on new running goals.
- Molly
Beyond encouraging
Thorough, encouraging, unfailingly available for support and advice. Working with Mettle has brought focus to my training and the accountability I needed.
- Mark
Spirit and support
I have achieved beyond what I could have imagined with your support and continue to learn so much. Love the Mettle spirit.
- Kate
Hands on
I had previously lacked consistency in my training. Working with Mettle is the best investment in my running I have made.
- John