Run your best race

Arrange a pre-race call with us and elevate your performance.


“I needed support to continue on my ultra-trail path. Kaz’s help and advice got me back on track.”


Curious how your gear can enhance your race performance? Wonder what you should do race week? Would you like to know what to focus on at an aid station?

Yes? Then let’s talk about your next race and let us help you with:

  • Preparing your gear and making smart decisions based on weather conditions.
  • Packing your running vest to maximize efficiency when accessing your gear.
  • Using obligatory race equipment correctly if you need to protect yourself during the race.
  • The ultimate race dropbag checklist with tips for efficiency and preparedness.
  • Tapering techniques and how to adapt your plan when traveling to race.
  • Guidance on how to have a useful, honest, and fun pre-race meeting with your crew.
  • Making a well-planned aid station strategy to maximize effectiveness and help you and your crew communicate clearly.
  • Key racing principles for nutrition and hydration to keep you going.
  • Turning setbacks into success by being ready to adapt, improvise and overcome mid race.
  • Developing strategies for overcoming the challenges of the pain cave.
  • Best practices for you to take care of your feet during the race.

A one-to-one talk about your race can be online or in person.

Cost $50 per hour

If you’re looking to race smarter and perform better in your next race, then a pre-race talk with us may be the most important 1 hr you’ll ever spend.

And for less than the cost of your favorite coffee for one month!

Get in touch now and let’s supercharge your racing performance.


You can do hard things.

Racing teaches us what we are capable of.

It stretches our horizons and expands our self-belief.

And once you’ve seen what you’re capable of, you can’t unsee it.


Packed with useful post-race questions to help you:

  • Gain more from your race experience.
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of your performance.
  • Learn important information to take forward into your training
    and next race.


Unwavering support and mentorship
I am deeply grateful to Kaz for her invaluable expertise and meticulous guidance throughout my training, leading up to my inaugural trail race.
- Pete
Being accountable
I needed to regroup. Kaz has helped me get fit and stronger, making training uplifting and fun. Her focus is on your success and I’m excited and ready to take on new running goals.
- Molly
Beyond encouraging
Thorough, encouraging, unfailingly available for support and advice. Working with Mettle has brought focus to my training and the accountability I needed.
- Mark
Spirit and support
I have achieved beyond what I could have imagined with your support and continue to learn so much. Love the Mettle spirit!
- Kate
Expert coaching
I had previously lacked consistency in my training. Working with Mettle is the best investment in my running I have made.
- John